7 generations of Burgundian

Making history our own

We are a Burgundian family present in Nuits-Saint-Georges for the past seven generations. We have lived and worked here since 1825. We have built and developed this wine domaine and continue to strive daily to ensure that it prospers. Our family is an ordinary family yet with a history that is that is sometimes quite extraordinary.

Erwan Faiveley

Brother and sister, two unique personalities

They were born and bred here in the Burgundian soils of Nuits-Saint-Georges. They then left their region in order to come back even stronger and ready to work together on the development of the domaine.

A close duo united by their deep love for their region, for wine,
for travel and for discovering the world.

Eve Faiveley

“Whatever your dream
may be, start it now.
Daring is about bright ideas,
inner strength and magic” Goethe

Entrepreneurship throughout
the centuries

Whilst inspired and guided by their ancestors, they are both independent, full of hope and forward thinking, motivated by their desire to implement new projects and ideas. A family adventure that began in 1825 and is now a dual adventure.

Innovations and projects led by a family of entrepreneurs throughout the centuries.

Innovations and projects led by a family of entrepreneurs throughout the centuries.

Believing in one’s projects and doing everything to make them a reality.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the Faiveley family.

Throughout history, each of its members has exerted a parallel activity in addition to their involvement in the world of wine, whether that be cobbler, doctor, lawyer or engineer. Deeply rooted in Burgundy yet free to pursue other professionnel activities, each generation seized new opportunities so as to gradually contribute to building the domaine we know today.

In their perpetual quest for innovation, the Faiveley family invented the pantograph and was also the first to use the manual sorting table. Also a family of pioneers, they acquired several hectares of vines in the côte chalonnaise at a time when very few believed in the region’s potential. More recently, they also made the decision to explore the Pinot Noir of California.

”Innovation is what happens
when someone who dares
to venture beyond boundaries, explore new horizons and push
the limits of knowledge and creativity.” Albert Einstein

The family treasures, daily objects that attest to past eras and lifetimes.

(Re) inventing our world

It requires strength to believe in oneself and stand one’s ground in a world that is constantly evolving. When faced with the challenges of today, the family draws upon past experiences and accomplishments in order to keep their motivation alive.

Chivalrous wine brotherhood

A walk along the docks of the Seine in 1934: Georges Faiveley was a literature lover and stopped to browse through a few books at a second-hand bookseller overflowing with literary treasures. He stumbled upon a text on wine brotherhoods and, out of curiosity, decided to buy it. The story could have stopped there…

Since 1929, the crisis in Europe’s wine industry had been unprecedented. Wine stocks were accumulating in the cellars with no one wanting to buy them. Inspired by his read on wine brotherhoods, Georges raised the subject with his close friend Camille Rodier. Wouldn’t it be a good idea, he said, to share in the simplicity and generosity of wine with fellow Burgundy lovers? And thus, the Chevaliers du Tastevin Brotherhood was born.

”If no-one wants to buy our wines then let’s invite our friends to share them with us!” Georges Faiveley

The signatures of members of the Chevaliers du Tastevin Brotherhood on the opening chapter.