The earth

Winemaking is our reason for being and it is from the soils that we draw our strength

We are, and always will be,

Burgundian winemakers

A frost-covered parcel early in the morning.

The soil’s calling

Whilst some feel like the sea is calling them, for us the calling is from the soils. We cherish this region, this wine region that we are lucky enough to call our home. We were not born winemakers but rather became them, by choice, movement by movement, generation after generation.

Thanks to our savoir-faire and in depth knowledge of each parcel and each Climat, we cultivate our vines with the utmost respect for nature so as to pass on the very best to future generations.

hand in hand with nature

hand in hand with nature

We choose Nature. It is nature that guides our handicraft. Our viticulture practices are a reflection of the talent of the winegrowers who dedicate their lives to observing and nurturing the vine year-round.

“The soils are the source of all virtue and freedom for those who cultivate them.” Ménandre (342 av. J.-C)

Respectful winegrowing

for the good of our plant heritage

Plant cover, agroforestry, working with a conservatory of grape varieties: we have our heart set on preserving
organic life.

An ode to life

Man’s hand is a tool for supporting nature. We use respectful and sustainable cultivation practices so as to respect the living. It is our duty to preserve the environment and we strive to implement agronomic solutions in line with our values and philosophy.

We are the first Burgundian wine domaine to convert 120 hectares of vines to organic practices, a carefully thought out decision that is in accordance with our convictions.