Rodin & the Art
of Encounters

Friendships that make the world
an even more beautiful place


Passion in the heart of our vineyards

An encounter
with sensuality

12 April 2022. A renowned sculpture, made entirely from bronze, sits majestically at the heart of our Domaine. In the the middle of the vat house’s patio, two lovers tenderly embrace in front of one of our finest vine parcels. Time and space seem to stand still as they passionately kiss.

Having this original work of art, Le Baiser (The Kiss) by Rodin, here at the domaine is a great honour for us as Maurice Fenaille, the uncle of our great-grand-mother Marthe, was a fervent admirer of the artist and served as his patron throughout his whole life.

Les Ouvrées Rodin

An oenophilic tribute to the artist

A Grand Cru to pay
tribute to the artist

”In memory of the unique bond shared between our family and Auguste Rodin, it is now time for us to pay tribute to this artist.” Erwan Faiveley

Only the most precious of our nectars from the Côte de Nuits could be worthy of honouring the memory of the prominent artist that was Auguste Rodin. We have therefore chosen to dedicate to him a Grand Cru of remarkable finesse, a parcel of our history and of the history of Burgundy: our Chambertin-Clos de Bèze ”Les Ouvrées Rodin”.

A Grand Cru to pay
tribute to the artist

The Clos des Issarts

An artist’s love at first sight

The Clos des Issarts villa was fully restored by the Faiveley family and is currently a residency for Dijon-born artist Laëtitia de Bazelaire.
A source of inspiration in the heart of the vineyards.

Burgundian wood and stone brought to life
by an artist.

In 2017, Erwan and Eve Faiveley began full restoration works on the Clos des Issarts villa with the aegis of Christian Laporte, an Architect specialising in French buildings.

After one year of works, this modest 19th century stone building with its glazed, polychrome tile roof, the emblem of Burgundian heritage, was transformed into an artist’s residence to house the works of Laëtitia de Bazelaire, an artist who creates in synchrony with the vine and surrounding nature.

Burgundian wood and stone brought to life
by an artist.