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The harmonious
virtuosity of the Climats

Wine is a symphony in a bottle. It stirs up powerful emotions and a sensory awareness that touches the soul with incomparable finesse.

Behind each Burgundian Climat lies an accomplished soloist who unveils his virtuosity by pushing the limits of his instrument, vintage after vintage, to bring perfection and emotion to an audience of neophyte and passionate.

The winemaker is a distinguished orchestra conductor who guides the performance and proudly affirms the unique identity of each Climat whilst preserving the harmony and balance of ancestral Burgundian traditions.

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The tempo of the vintage

Enhancing and revealing the Climats is an art form that requires us to listen and observe. Listening to nature and man in order to be guided by their aura and sensation. The vine is our muse and its rhythm is what guides us in our adventure.

When the times comes, we harvest the highest quality fruit, the very jewels of our soils. These hand-sorted clusters are gently and delicate transferred into our wooden vats using a gravity system. The magic of fermentation, the gentleness of pressing, the finesse of the French oak barrels and the infinite patience of the ageing process are the keys to the production of our precious nectars.

The wines are given all the time they need to evolve in the depths of our cellars where they develop subtle aromas and fragrances that enchant the tastebuds.

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to iconic rarity

Wines for sharing our love of the beautiful Burgundy region

The care and attention taken by our teams, our love for the soils of Burgundy, is what allows us to express and create such exceptional wines. From emblematic Premiers and Grands Crus to true icons such as the Monopole Corton Clos des Cortons Faiveley and the Chambertin-Clos de Bèze ”Les Ouvrées Rodin”.

Jérôme Flous, Technical Director Vines & Wines

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