Our efforts today dictate what we are able to pass down tomorrow

Striving daily
to reveal

the Burgundian
savoir-faire and culture

An alchemy between nature and the man-made, there where the vine co-exists harmoniously with low stone walls and stone shelters (”cabottes” in French). The vernacular architecture of Burgundy.

“Our natural and cultural heritage are two irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.” UNESCO

As Guardians of Burgundian winemaking traditions, our objective is to fly the flag high for these legendary wines throughout the world. A Guardians of history, it is our duty to restore and preserve our emblematic buildings such as the ’38’ historical vat house and the Clos des Issarts villa which lies in the hill behind Gevrey-Chambertin.

The “38” vat house was renovated in 2018 by architect Gilles Gauvain who took his inspiration from famous
Dijon-based engineer Gustave Eiffel.

A stonemason spent 9 months here at the domaine in order to bring out the incredible beauty of the premises.


our terroirs

La Framboisière Monopole, a unique terroir in Mercurey.

Great Founder Patron of the “Climats de Bourgogne”

We are deeply attached to our region and have always worked right beside the other winegrowers to spread out Burgundy and it’s savoir-faire. Just like our elders, taking care of our heritage is our utmost priority. Contributing actively to the Climats of Burgundy being classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site was en evidence for us. Our role as Great Founder Patron of the Association for the Climats of Burgundy is a cause that is particularly dear to us.

Preserving biodiversity

and our ecosystems

Gardiens du vivant :
the most valuable of all heritages

Respecting biodiversity and using organic and sustainable practices are the foundations of our philosophy here at the Domaine. The vine has an impact on its ecosystems and must be carefully managed in order to preserve the natural balance. Encouraging pollinator activity, creating habitats for local fauna, encouraging the growth of micro-organisms which are conducive to the soil’s health, opting for minimal ploughing and planting indigenous trees and hedges are just some of the important choices we have made. We are deeply aware of our duty to the living and endeavor to translate this awareness into concrete actions.

Bees are guardians of nature par excellence and we have therefore placed around twenty beehives across our Domaine.